‘Testimonial of GSC’s 18th GMCourse in September 2022.’

By Alexis Booth, Operation Manager port Lafito, Haiti.
September 2022

2nd Virtual Leadership Course

“I feel enriched by the experience of each speaker and this has created in me the desire to go further in leadership.” 


At the first, I was not expecting such outstanding and different courses. It’s my first time I take on line courses. Everything important for leadership is covered: from the safety to the operations performance, from the corporate responsability to the finance. We discussed how the stevedoring sector could be tomorrow.

But it is not all : Because the assigned projects are from the reality, from real activities of submitters. And it was good opportunity to work with an international team from all around the world. My company SGTD has really appreciated how long lasting problems have been dissected by the participants.

Dear GSC team, I’d like to thank you so much for a job well done.

At the end of this session, I feel enriched by the experience of each speaker and this has created in me the desire to go further in leadership.

Adoulkader Abdo Ahmed

Senior Operations Manager

SGTD Doraleh Terminal, Djibouti

Digital, March/April 2022

GSC 1st Virtual Leadership Course

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the General Stevedoring Council’s first Virtual Leadership Course in 2021.

Although this was the first time the course had been conducted online, there was great sense of comradery between the co-ordinators, presenters and attendees.

Each presentation was relative and engaging and helped me to understand both the common issues experienced in the Global Maritime and Stevedoring Industry, as well as unique situations where one entity can learn from another’s experience.

The project teams allowed us to work on interesting and relative projects, whilst at the same time helped to establish valuable connections with other colleagues in the industry.

I would recommend this course as it is a great forum to engage with others in the specialised industry that is Maritime and Stevedoring.

Jacqueline Walls
Commercial Executive, Belfast Harbour Commissioners

Digital, May/June 2021

8th Senior Management Course

I quickly learned that I was in a room filled with global ideas and perspective.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: Following the opening Dinner this past September, the event began with each of the attendees giving a professional and personal overview. I immediately became drawn in. I’ve always believed if you are in a room where everyone thinks the same way, you are absolutely in the wrong room. I quickly learned that I was in a room filled with global ideas and perspective. Our group of 17 attendees came from all parts of the world. Ireland, China, Australia, Chili, Argentinian, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, United States, Canada, UK. I knew immediately there was tremendous opportunity to learn. I could feel the energy and became very excited about the thought leadership exposure to many different perspectives from all parts of the world
We are in a relationships business, and relationships are more important than ever before. For me and as equally important to the learnings at the GSC are the relationships cultivated during the GSC event. The GSC event is an experience that bonds fellow maritime professionals from all corners of our earth.
If we can do things that expand our capacity to search for answers and new perspective then we can become more enlightened.
Leadership is about influencing others to do what you want them to do because they are inspired to do it. Leadership is not about who follows you. True leaders develop other leaders.
The GSC is a forum for cultivating life-long meaningful relationships, the GSC is forum to advance the knowledge of our industry, the GSC is a forum for leaders to develop other leaders.
Zach Zemenick
Human Resources & Internal Audit
Ceres Terminals Inc.

USA, September 2019

17th General Management Course

I joined the 2018 general management course along with twenty plus other professionals coming from just about every continent in the world. During the two weeks course, we visited numerous ports and terminals, engaged in great conversations with industry executives and leaders, and worked on a hands-on consulting project. Personally, I come from a container terminal industry, therefore it was rewarding for me on the port visits at Antwerp and Rotterdam that allowed me to see some of the latest technologies in automations as well as engage in conversation about best practices and performances. On top of that, I got to see other types of ports such as cold storage, project cargo, RoRo, cruise and ferry, etc. Ultimately, the best feature is the opportunity to meet and build relationships with some really good people from the same industry. Lastly, a big “thank you” to the organizers for a seamless logistics and planning arrangements for the course.

Leo Shiu

Operations Manager

Modern Terminals Ltd

Europe, September 2018

16th General Management Course

‘GSC has been a great experience for my professional career, not only for the good practices learned in each visit to each port, but also for the coexistence with colleagues from different cultures with which even today, 2 years after the experience, we continue in permanent contact. We use our network with a weekly or daily frequency (it depends on the topic!) for work consultations, to share our achievements, and also news from our lifes. The human quality of the organizers is another point to highlight. There is a lot of experience in its management and kindness in the relationship with the participants. You have to be prepared to move to different and beautiful places without previous advise and have your mind ready to propose new actions in the challenge that you play! It is an enriching experience at a professional and personal level.

I would like to thank the kindness, solidarity and generosity of the organizers in each moment shared in the GSC.’

Gabriela Ardissone – Commercial Manager
Vehicle Division, Grupo Murchison

Europe, September 2016

6th Senior Management Course Valencia, 2015

What a wonderful experience! During the one-week stay in Valencia, I had the opportunity to visit several facilities in the area, not only in Valencia but also in other ports, and not only pertaining to the container terminal industry (which is the one I work in) but also to other fields such as general cargo, car carriers and even a car plant. The possibility to see facilities out of our day-by-day experience, thus broadening my view, is actually one of the things I’ve appreciated most. But the best feature of these courses is definitely networking with fellows coming from all over the world. Networking starts prudently but it quickly turns into camaraderie, and the relationships go on and never ends (I’m still in contact with some guys who attended my first course in 2010, the 13th General Management Course, Malmö). Sometimes we manage to meet up somewhere in the world. Don’t think that it’s just about having a drink together: it is really very useful to exchange opinions, ideas and suggestions on the various aspects of our job. In this respect, Whatsapp is a very efficient tool to stay in touch and have the chance to get “expert advice” in real time. The other “plus” of these courses is the perfect organisation and the passion provided by the coordinators I will always be grateful to.

Marco Ghia,

Customer Service Manager

Terminal Contenitori Porto di Genova, SECH

Europe, May 2015
What is both good and interesting
about these courses, which are
organised by the GSC on a regular basis.
Is that they mix people from all
systems and cultures,
with a lot of experience in handling
all sorts of different cargoes.

4th Senior Management Course – Europe, September 2011

‘I spent a couple of days last week on the 4th Senior Management Course organised by the General Stevedoring Council along with sixteen experts in handling all sorts of different cargoes from South Africa, Northern Ireland, US, Dubai, Sweden, Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong the UK and Australia. Based in Antwerp the week-long course was a mixture of “field visits” to cargo handling operations in Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam, mixed with presentations by a variety of expert speakers. What is both good and interesting about these courses, which are organised by the GSC on a regular basis, is that they mix people from all systems and cultures, with a lot of experience in handling all sorts of different cargoes. They take them out of their familiar working environment and the daily worries about manpower and equipment, commercial pressures and whether the dock labour is all going to go on strike, and give them the time to see how other people manage in other parts of the world. They spark ideas off each other, they will see or hear of things that they might be able to use in their own operations, while bringing their own thoughts to the reviewing of best (and worst) practice with which they are familiar.’

Michael Grey
Lloyds List, 26th September 2011